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Learn about pay per click advertising

What is (Pay-Per-Click)?

So let’s start by explaining exactly what Pay-Per-Click advertising is.

Well Pay-Per-Click advertising is basically an online advertisement which you only pay for when it is clicked on.

The type of Pay-Per-Click advertising we are referring to in this video is Google AdWords.

You’ve probably seen these adverts before, they appear on your Google search page when you perform a search, and help to direct potential customers to your website.

How does it work?

So for example, say you want to advertise your plumbing services.

You need to write a text advert that promotes your services.

You then need to choose keywords that people might use on Google, for which you would like your advert to appear.

When someone searches using one of the keywords you have chosen, your advert will appear at the top or side of the Google Search results.

Keywords is the fundamental thing here, the keywords for your advert should be relevant to your business.

For the Plumbing Services example, you may have the keywords Plumbing, Plumber, or phrases like Plumbing services etc.How much does it cost? As you may have guessed, you only pay when someone clicks on your advert.

How much you pay depends on how much you ‘bid’.

It could be anywhere between 10p and £5.

Google gives you advice on how much to bid when you set up your advert.

Managing your budget

The great thing about Google AdWords is that you can set your own advertising budget and easily manage it.

So say you only want to spend between 2-3 pounds a day on advertising, you can easily set a budget to monitor the amount you are spending on your Google Ad.

How can it benefit your business

Like all advertising, there has to be benefits to your business, otherwise what’s the point right?

Well Pay per Click advertising on Google can have multiple benefits.

Only target people who want to buy your products or services

The most powerful thing about Pay Per click is that you only reach those people who are interested in buying the services you provide.

How do you know? Because they’re searching for them on Google.

The most obvious benefit to any business using a Google AdWords campaign is a boost in sales.

And the more sales you make, the more you can invest in advertising your business, which in turn will bring more sales. It’s a positive feedback loop.

And remember, since you only pay for the advert if it is clicked, you are able to monitor the return on your investment and work out whether or not your budget needs to be adjusted.

Target your customers: Locally

Another great benefit is that Google Ads lets you target customers dependant on where they are in the world.

So say your Plumbing business is based in North West London, well people in North West London searching for plumbing services will be shown your ad on Google Search.

This means that your advert will directly target the exact people that it needs to, helping to find you potential customers.

How do I get a Google Ad

So how can you get a Google pay per click ad?

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