Product options

Availability: all Online Shop plans

Options give customers the opportunity to specify certain things about their order.

For example, if we were selling clothing, maybe we would want to provide an option where shoppers can send us the initials that they would like to be sewn onto a shirt for instance that they are ordering.

The chosen product options are shown in the order details. With the help of product options, you can also:

  • offer extras, like gift wrapping;
  • ask buyers to upload a file for ordered product/service;
  • offer multiple selections to configure the final product;
  • and more.

To add options like Size and Color to your products, do the following:

  • Go to Store > Catalog > Products
  • Open the product page you want to edit
  • Go to the Options tab
  • Click +Add New Option to add an option and its parameters
  • Add the name of the option, for example, Size
  • Select the input type, Radio Buttons work best for Size

Click +Add New Value and add all values of the option. Add as many new values as you need and specify whether they affect the base product price or not:

With price modifiers, you can increase or decrease the base product price depending on options. For example, a cotton T-Shirt may cost $10, while an organic cotton T-Shirt sells for $12. If a customer selects an option with a price modifier, they will see the updated price on the product page.

  • Price modifiers can be assigned to drop-down, checkbox and radio-buttons option types.

Choose the Default option (if you tick the ‘Do not preselect default value’ option, the Default column is hidden):

  • Save the changes and check how the product page looks.

Here is how the options look in the storefront: