eCommerce - Setup Assistant

This video applies to 123-reg eCommerce.

The eCommerce setup assistant will take you through the first essential steps in getting your online shop created.


You start by entering the topic area for your online shop. You can pick between private websites for hobbies and fan pages; computers and electronics; arts, culture and education; crafts; and much more.


Once you have decided on a topic, click on the topic to take you to the Layout section.


From the Layout section you can decide the basic page arrangement and style by selecting from the options given.


You will then come to the Design section. From here you will see a preview of the layout you have chosen and be able to add a different header image. If you do not like any of the images provided, you can add one later on.


You will also be able to choose a colour scheme for the background of your online shop. Once all modifications are made, click on the Next button.


Now fill out the basic information for your online shop, including your company name, shop name, any logos and slogans, and basic contact details. Once completed, click the Next button.


In the Settings section, you can adjust the type of tax model you want to use and enter you company VAT ID. You can also set up statistics for your shop using an e-Tracker account. Once completed, click the Next button.


Edit and change any if necessary. Once finished, click Apply to complete the setup assistance./p>


Finally, you have two options, you can have a preview look at your website which will open in a new window or the Start Administration panel and get on creating and managing the rest of your online shop.

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