How do I sign up to the 123-loyalty scheme?

This article refers to the 123-loyalty scheme whereby you can earn 123-loyalty credits by referring a friend to use 123-reg.

If you are already a 123-reg customer


Login to your main 123-reg Control Panel.


Scroll down to the Make money with 123-reg section.


Click on the 123-loyalty icon.

From here you can choose one of 2 ways to invite a friend:

1. Word of mouth

Simply give your Referral ID (your 123-reg username) to friends, and ask them to enter it into the Referral ID box when ordering products.

2. Send an email

Go to the Invite a friend section in your 123-loyalty control panel and enter the email address of your friend. Their invitation will explain how the system works and invite them to sign up. Click the send email button.

Not got a 123-reg account yet?

Get recommended by a friend who is via the 123-loyalty scheme and you can earn 5 free credits.

If not, you can sign-up for a new account simply via the 123-reg home page and clicking Sign-up at the top of the page.


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