What is the 123-loyalty scheme?

This article refers to the 123-loyalty scheme whereby you can earn 123-loyalty credits by referring a friend to use 123-reg.

The 123-loyalty scheme is a great way to let others benefit from the service and products that you currently enjoy from 123-reg – plus you can both earn from it!

Invite your friend to sign up to 123-reg via our simple-to-use system and get them to enter your user name as the referral code when they sign up for their new account. Then any purchases (except domain names) they make in that first visit will earn you 123-loyalty credits and they receive 5 free credits themselves simply for signing up and making a qualifying purchase.

Your credits will be based upon the type of service purchased – see more detailed information here.

What’s more, those credits you earn - once validated* - will be converted to a credit balance that you can use against future purchases for 123-reg products (although not domain names).

* our validation process takes 45 days.


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