What is the 123-loyalty validation process?

This article refers to the 123-loyalty scheme whereby you can earn 123-loyalty credits by referring a friend to use 123-reg.

The 123-loyalty validation process is a period during which we check validity of the referral and purchases.

For example, in order to qualify for 123-loyalty credits, the purchases made at the qualifying time must not be cancelled during any money back guarantee periods. If they are, the credits will not be validated and this deemed not to have been earned.

During the validation process any pending 123-loyalty credits will be shown in the pending section on your 123-loyalty control panel.

Once validated they will then be transferred into the paid section and automatically transferred to your 123-reg account credit balance, at the rate of one 123-loyalty credit equal to £1.

To view your credit balance


Login to the main 123-reg Control Panel.


Scroll down the page to the Account Management section


Click the link View credit account activity.

Once the credits have been converted you can then use them for yourself against purchases of 123-reg products (although not domain names).


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