How do I add a UWA module to 123-mail?

This article relates to 123-mail.

This article will explain how to add a Hotmail or Live account to your 123-reg email account using Open Exchange.


Log in to your 123-mail account. Enter your username and password into the boxes provided, then click the Login button.


From the toolbar at the top of the page, click the Configuration button.


From the left hand toolbar click the Accounts link from the Email sub menu.


Click the Add button at the top of the page.


Enter the Name you wish to give to the UWA module. Enter the address of the module in the URI field, and add the given parameters in the Parameter field. It is reccomended that you select the Autorefresh button as many of UWA modules frequently change.


Click the OK button. This will enter your new UWA module into the Available UWA modules list and is activated.


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