Logging in and out trouble shooting

This article will provide trouble shooting tips on common issues experienced when logging in and out of your 123-reg control panel.

Can’t Login?

It's possible that a webproxy between the user and 123-reg has cached the forgotten password page instead and is getting confused. If this is the case, visiting the following url should work:

123-reg.co.uk control panel

Check that the url says "https:" not "http:" since http is more likely to get cached.

Another thing to check are that 'save encrypted pages to disk' is NOT ticked in Internet Explorer advanced options.

If none of this fixes it, try installing a different browser (www.mozilla.org) and using that instead.

Can’t Log Out?

You may find that once logged into the 123-reg website, you can not logout again to log in as a new user. This is due to your browser storing your password information.

This can be cleared in both Internet Explorer and Firefox through Remove saved passwords within Internet Options, that can be found in the Tools dropdown bar.

If you are logged in as one user but due to browser cache can't log out in order to login as another user, simply enter the following into the address bar :

Tip: https://username:password@www.123-reg.co.uk/secure/

Replace username with your 123-reg account username and replace password with your 123-reg account password.

Entering the above into your browser with the relevant details for your 123-reg account will log you out of the existing account and then automatically log you into the other 123-reg account.

Lost your Login?

If you know a domain in your account and know the registered email address you provided on the account and still have access to this email address please try the following page:


If you no longer have access to the email address you have registered on your account, please email support through the "Ask A Question" tab in your support area. In your email, please include answers to the following security questions:

  • The name of the registered account holder
  • The full registered postal address of the account along with post code
  • The registered email address of the account
  • An email address that you have access to
  • The registered telephone number of the account
  • The last four digits of a credit card used on the account

Provided you pass the security check in accordance with the Data Protection Act, we will change the registered email address on your 123-reg account to the email address that you have access to and resend you your account login.

It is possible that you can not pass any of these security steps, in these circumstances you will need to provide us with proof of identity as owner of that account by providing proof that you reside at the registered address.

This should be in the form of a utility bill or official document, and accompanied by a covering letter explaining that you no longer have access to the registered email address or have the credit card used to register the domains, and can you have the login details forwarded to your new email address.

The Fax needs to have the following clearly visible:

  • Domain Name
  • 123-reg Username
  • New email address
  • Owners Signature
  • The address on the official Document should be clearly visible

Our fax number is 0208 043 0496.


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