VAT & 123-reg Invoices

This article explains why VAT is automatically added to 123-reg invoices.

Value added Tax (VAT) at the current rate is added to 123-reg invoices by default. Currently VAT for purchases made through 123-reg is charged at 20%.

However on 1st January 2015, owing to changes in EU Consumer law, VAT charges will vary based on the place of supply of the product or service purchased, and not the place of sale. This means that, where previously all 123-reg sales included VAT based at a UK level, VAT will now be based on the country the purchase has been made from.

Below is a breakdown of the standard rate of VAT for each of the EU Member states.

Member State  Standard Rate (%) 
Belgium 21
Czech Republic 21
Denmark 25
Germany 19
Estonia 20
Greece 23
Spain 21
France 20
Croatia 25
Ireland 23
Italy 22
Cyprus 19
Latvia 21
Lithuania 21
Luxembourg 15
Hungary 27
Malta 18
Netherlands 21
Austria 20
Poland 23
Portugal 23
Romania 24
Slovenia 22
Slovakia 20
Finland 24
Sweden 25
United Kingdom 20

Accurate as of 6th August 2014 - Source (page 3)


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