Designing your website with Website Builder

The following applies to basic design in Website Builder.

To access your Website Builder package, visit and login to your control panel. Scroll down the page to the ‘Create your website’ section and click on the ‘Manage’ link underneath the ‘Website Builder’ heading.

If accessing your Website Builder package for the first time, you can start by selecting a template from the options given. Click the template once to select it. You can also filter your choices by category using the drop down box shown here.

After you have chosen a suitable template, click on the ‘Create your site’ button.

To start the set-up of your website, click the ‘Manage’ button. Under the ‘my site’ tab, you have the option to name your site, give it a description and upload an image for a custom favicon, as well other options including adding a Google Analytics ID, editing your domain and the site language.

From the ‘Manage’ section, you also control SEO, e-Commerce, comments and any databases that you wish to have on your site.

Now you have a basic site set up. You can start to customise and design your website to suit your needs.


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