The Nominet Data Quality Window program

This articles applies to .UK Domain names.

This article will explain Nominet's Data Quality Window program.

Nominet have identified a number of .UK domain names ( - - with invalid contact information and are working with registrars like 123-reg to improve data quality and combat fraudulent domain name use. The Data Quality Window program allows any incorrect data to be corrected without paying Nominet's £10 charge.

Registrant data is validated by verifying the records held with third party registers such as Companies House and the Electoral Roll to find registrant information that either cannot be validated or is unacceptable.

Please note: The Data Quality Window has now closed. Updates of the registrant name can be done only from your Nominet account. Click here for more information on accessing your Nominet Account

What to do if your domain is flagged

If your .UK domain name has been flagged it will be for one of the following reasons:

  • Invalid Name
  • Invalid Address
  • Invalid Name and Address
  • Invalid Foreign Registrant
  • Invalid Registrant Type

You should ensure that the registrant information is accurate and complete:

  • Registrant name is a legally identifiable entity (4 characters or longer)
  • Full address
  • Valid Postcode

There are some types of Registrant that that do not require the Organisation field to be filled in and should be populated with the same details as the Registrant field or left blank. (Both are accepted but left blank is preferred) These types are:

  • UK Individual
  • UK Sole Trader
  • Non-UK Individual

Other Registrant types require that the Registrant field is populated with the main administrative contact for the domain and the Organisation field to be populated with the name of the business, charity or school as it appears on legal documents. The Company Number field should be populated with the company number, registered charity number or DfES UK School number. These types of registrant are:

  • UK Limited Company
  • UK Public Limited Company
  • UK Partnership
  • UK Limited Liability Partnership
  • UK Industrial/Provident Registered Company
  • UK School
  • UK Registered Charity
  • UK Government Body
  • UK Corporation by Royal Charter
  • UK Statutory Body
  • UK Entity that does not fit into any of the above (eg Clubs, associations, etc)
  • Non-UK Corporation
  • Non-UK Entity that does not fit into any of the above (eg Clubs, associations, etc)

Tip: Companies can check the name of the business and company number by using the WebCHeck service at Companies House.


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