My domain names are in an account I don't own or have access to. What can I do?

This article will explain how you can get access to domain names that are legally yours but not in an account you have access to.

Here at 123-reg we have an internal transfer option from within the control panel, If you can contact the user of the account that you do not have access to that contains your domain names, you can use the following article to help you do an internal transfer. How can I move domain names between accounts?

Alternatively you can use the following method to request a transfer:

Send in a fax

It is possible that you are unable to contact the account holder or do not have access to the account holding your domain names, in these circumstances you will need to provide us with proof of identity as the owner of the domain names. You can do this via appropriate photo identification or in the case of a registered company an incorporation certificate would be sufficient. We would also require documentation to prove you reside at the address, indicated by the record of the domain.

You can do a whois on your domain name on sites such as and

This should be in the form of a utility bill or official document received and dated within the last three months that must match the information on the whois (The name and address), and accompanied by the fax template below:

Click here to download a Fax template with all required information.

  • Your Name
  • Number of pages within Fax
  • Domain Names
  • 123-reg Username of your account
  • Telephone Number
  • Owners Signature
  • The address on the official Document should be clearly visible

123-reg Fax number: 0208 043 0496

123-reg Fax email:


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