How do I set up Thunderbird with IMAP?

This answer will explain the process you should use to receive email from your IMAP mailbox using Mozilla Thunderbird.

Set up your emails in Thunderbird video guide

If this is the first time you have accessed Mozilla Thunderbird, it will automatically start the Mail Account Wizard. Enter your name, email address and password then click Continue.

 Mail Account Setup 1.jpg

Tip: If this does not happen then click on the Tools menu, then click the Account Settings option and click the Account actions option and then click on Add Mail Account.


If you receive the message

Thunderbird failed to find the settings for your email account

Select IMAP from the Incoming drop down box and input the Incoming and Outgoing server details manually.

The Incoming server setting is

The Outgoing server setting is

Make sure to input your full email address into the Username field

 IMap pic 1.jpg

After manually inputting the server settings click the Re-test button.
This will auto fill the Port, SSL and Authentication fields.

 retest button.jpg

 IMap pic 2.jpg

Click Create Account.

 create account button.jpg

Click OK to finish adding your 123-webmail account to Thunderbird.


Please note: If you are using 123-reg's SMTP server to send outgoing email, SMTP authentication must be turned on. If you are asked for a username and password, please use your mailbox username and password. For further information, please visit


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