How do I set up Windows Live Mail with IMAP?

The following applies to adding a 123-reg email account to Windows Live Mail (IMAP).


Select the Accounts tab, and then click the New Email in the New Account section.


Fill out the email address, password and display name. Please note, the password is the password already associated with your 123-reg email account. Click the manually configure server settings option at the bottom of the window, and then click the next button.


In the configure server settings window, select the IMAP server type. Your incoming server address is The logon user name will be your email address.


The outgoing server information is Then click the Next button.


Your account will now be added to Windows Live Mail.

Please note: If you are using 123-reg's SMTP server to send outgoing email, SMTP authentication must be turned on. If you are asked for a username and password, please use your mailbox username and password. For further information, please visit


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