Why are my emails not being forwarded?

Most mail sent through 123-reg mail servers (80%) is forwarded using the free service we supply to other email providers (i.e. yahoo, hotmail etc).

As this is a shared service, there are a number of factors that can impact on service which are essentially outside of our control. Within a shared service environment other customers through their actions can impact on other customer’s service on the same platform. Furthermore, with it being a shared service, and more users on the service, it is more likely to have in some circumstances backlogs of mail due to rogue users or other customer’s actions could potentially get the server blacklisted. All of these factors can impact upon service and are essentially outside of our control.

Unfortunately a lot of the emails sent through our servers are spam, the other providers see this spam coming from the 123-reg mail servers and they black hole them.

This could cause your emails to be delayed or in the worst case bounced back.


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