I would like to see my Google Analytics data in my Google AdWords account. How do I do this?

Below are the two stages required to connect a Google Analytics account to an existing Google Adwords account.

Stage 1:

  1. Have login credentials of your Google AdWords account prepared.
  2. Log into your Google Analytics account through the 123-Reg control panel.
  3. From the landing page select the User Manager link.
  4. Within the Existing Access box select the link + Add User.
  5. Within the Enter user information section add the details of your existing Google AdWords account.
  6. Within Enter user information the drop down box for Access Type should be set to Account Adminstrator.
  7. Click Finish.

Stage 2:

  1. Login into your existing Google AdWords account at https://adwords.google.com/select/Login.
  2. From the tabs on the landing page select Analytics.
  3. Your analytics account should now be present.

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