What can I do to prevent spam on my 123-reg Server running Plesk

This article applies to 123-reg Servers running Plesk

This article explains what you can do to prevent spam on your 123-reg Server running Plesk.

There are two services you can add-on to your Plesk based server to help prevent spam, trojans and worms entering your server through the medium of email.

Plesk Power Pack

With the Plesk Power Pack add-on you can project upto 5 mailboxes with Kaspersky Antivirus

Parallels Plesk Antivirus

Powered by Kaspersky, this software add-on integrates itself with Plesk to protect your server from various internet based threats and will protect unlimited mailboxes on your server.

Both solutions offer:

  • Superior detection rates
  • Support for compressions formats
  • Multiple detection techniques
  • Superior Protection
  • Fast responses and frequent updates

For further assistance with purchasing a add-on please see the guide: How do I order add-ons for Plesk?

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