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Losing data can spell disaster. Backing up your computer with us means it won’t happen

“Two things our sailing school couldn’t do without: One, wind. Two, Cloud Backup.”

Helen Hofmann, Cinque Ports Sailing School
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Documents, data, programs, if it’s on your computer, it’s safe with Cloud Backup from 123 Reg

From now on, whatever happens to your computer; mistakes, accidents, fire or theft, nothing’s going to happen to the information you have stored on it.

Cloud Backup from 123 Reg protects everything, not just your files, but also your entire PC or Mac. Even if your hardware fails or your computer is completely lost, you can simply get a new one and restore all your docs and programs in a few clicks. Even if you delete a single file, or need a previous version of a file, you can easily access your files from any web browser and retrieve the file you need.

You don’t have to think about anything because cloud computer backup is fully automatic. And there’s no need to worry about security because our service uses government-grade encryption.

We understand, when you’re concentrating on running a business, the more stuff you can take off your mind the better.


Secure your digital life and keep your files safe in the cloud

Watch our video and see how easy it is to protect your business by securing your mission critical files using our unlimited and fully automated backup solution.

Everything you need to backup your digital life

Our fantastic Cloud Backup service gives you all the specialist features you need to not only keep your entire digital life safe but also keep your documents secure using the very latest government approved encryption.

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Full system backup

We take everything from your PC or Mac, including the operating system. We automatically keep this up to date in sync with your computer.

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Universal restore

Instantly restore your data to any machine. Get your files, applications, configuration settings, or the entire system at any time.

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Easy recovery

Restoring data is quick and easy. Use our intuitive control panel to recover exactly what you want in just a few clicks.

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Cloud storage

All your data is stored in our cloud servers, which means they can be accessed whenever you want. Your data is never reliant on one piece of hardware.

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Unlimited Storage

Back up everything from your laptop or desktop computer with no space limitations and access it anywhere, anytime.

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Advanced security

Your data is always kept safe and secure as our Cloud Backup uses government-approved AES-256 encryption as standard.

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Instant access

When on the move, if you need a file from your home computer you can easily download it. Our software allows you to access all your files from any web browser.

How does Cloud Backup compare?

See how our feature packed Cloud Backup solution consistently beats the competition. Our comprehensive backup service is not only the most cost-effective product on the market but wins hands down with its included features.

Cloud Backup

30 DAY
£9.99 pm (+20% VAT)
Automatic Backup
Operating system
Applications and programs
Personal settings
PC and Mac
Value for money

Dropbox Business

£11.00 pm (+20% VAT)
Automatic Backup
Operating system
Applications and programs
Personal settings
PC and Mac
Value for money

Apple Time Capsule

2 TB
Price (one-off)
£249.00 (+20% VAT)
Automatic Backup
Operating system
Applications and programs
Personal settings
PC and Mac
Value for money
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I want to secure my business data

Keep all your business data backed up in the cloud and avoid any catastrophic data loss on your PC or Mac computers.

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I want to backup all my files at home

Never lose your home videos, documents or family photos again with automatic data sync between your PC or Mac and Cloud Backup.

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I want to make sure I never lose my clients data

Hard drives naturally degrade over time; keep all your clients' information in the cloud so you always have access to it.

Why choose Cloud Backup from 123 Reg?

  • Unlimited cloud storage ensures there is plenty of room for your files, which you can access wherever you are
  • Keep your files secure with government-approved AES-256 encryption
  • PC or Mac compatible so you can backup whatever system you prefer
  • Full system snapshot captures everything so you can easily and quickly restore your entire computer
  • Cancel within 30 days of purchase with a full money back guarantee
  • 24/7 expert support available to help you with any queries you may have

Never worry about the safety of your data again

Cinque Ports Sailing School love the confidence and reliability the 123 Reg Cloud Backup gives them, knowing they’ll never lose their hard work.

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Trusted by over a million sites

With a 99.9% uptime promise, 24 hour expert telephone support and a 30 day money back guarantee, you’ll be in safe hands with 123 Reg.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Cloud Backup?

    It is an automatic and unlimited service that allows copying your computer’s data so it can be restored in case of failure. Through our desktop software, we take a full copy of your laptop or computer, including the operating system, and then keep the backup in sync with your machine on a schedule you set up.

  • How does the Cloud Computer Backup work?

    Once you download and install our software, it takes a full snapshot of your entire laptop or desktop computer, including all your files, applications, configurations, and operating system. Then your Cloud Backup will sync with your machine, backing up updated files on a schedule you set. If you need to restore anything, from a single file to your entire computer, use our control panel to quickly recover everything you need.

  • How secure is my data?

    Cloud Backup collects all your data, compresses it, and encrypts with government-approved AES-256 encryption as standard. You can also create a unique password to ensure that only authorised people can access your data.

  • Where is my data stored?

    Your data will be stored on our reliable cloud servers, which are designed to keep your data on a number of different servers, making certain that nothing is reliant on one piece of hardware. Your data can be accessed whenever you want.

  • How much space do I have?

    You have unlimited space for your data. No matter how many files you have, or how large they are, you will have the space you need for all your files, applications, and operating system.

  • What computers can I use the Cloud Backup software with?

    Our backup service works with both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computers. Just download our free software and you can begin to back up your data today.

  • How many devices can I back up?

    You can back up one laptop or desktop computer with our Single User package. If you would like to back up additional laptops or desktop computers, you can purchase additional licenses at £5.99 per item per month.

  • Can I schedule backups?

    You can schedule backups to run as often as you want – once you set up your schedule, it will automatically happen in the background, without you having to check anything.

  • Can I back up separate files or do I have to back up my whole computer every time?

    Our advanced system will only back up files that have been updated after the first initial sync, meaning you’re not spending hours waiting for a backup when you’ve only changed one thing.

  • How does the 30 day trial work?

    When your 30-day trial finishes, you will be charged our regular monthly rate of £9.99 for your Cloud Backup service.

  • Is there a minimum contract period?

    After your free 30-day trial, you can pay for your Cloud Backup service on a monthly or annual basis.

  • How does the money back guarantee work?

    If you decide Cloud Backup isn’t right for you, give us a call within the first 14 days, and we’ll refund what you’ve paid. This excludes the cost of registering any domain names you have, because domains cannot be unregistered once you’ve chosen them.

Questions? Call us 24/7 on 0330 221 1007

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