I am a current 123 Reg Affiliate, how does changing to CJ Affiliate affect me?

This article applies to the 123 Reg Affiliate Program.

Incorporating CJ Affiliate into the 123 Reg Affiliate scheme will be off great benefit to all customers, new and existing. However, we are aware that changing the way the process works may cause some questions from our established promoters, so we’ve tried to answer some of the more common questions below.

As an established customer, do I still need to sign up to CJ Affiliate?

Yes, you do. All of our Affiliate programming is now run through CJ Affiliate, but don’t worry, it’s very easy to sign up to. Once you’ve done it, you’ll be able to use all of the tools available from one of the leading Affiliate platforms.

How will I get paid by CJ Affiliate?

One of the best features of CJ Affiliate is that you can choose to get paid directly into your bank account each month. This is much more convenient than the previous cheque-based method, plus it means that you’ll know exactly when your commission payments are going to come in.

What happens if I still have outstanding payment with 123 Reg?

Any remaining commission you’ve already earned will be credited to your 123 Reg account in the form of 123 Reg Credit, meaning you can use it on any 123 Reg Product or Service. If you’ve already reached the £25 mark, this can be paid to you via cheque if you have specified that as your chosen payment method.

Will I be able to get my Affiliate banners?

Yes. Once you sign up to CJ Affiliate and are accepted on to the 123 Reg program, you will have full access to our banner portfolio. This will allow you to promote 123 Reg with eye-catching and professional imagery.

Will I still receive my monthly voucher codes email communication?

Once you sign up to the 123 Reg program, through CJ Affiliate, you will automatically be opted in to receive 123 Reg’s monthly voucher code email.

Tip: If you have more questions about what CJ Affiliate can do for you, why not check out their Support centre?