Refer a Friend Guide

This guide will explain everything you need to know about our Refer a Friend programme.

We’ve partnered with Aklamio to reward customers for recommending our products to their friends and family. So, if you know someone who’s looking to get their business online, refer them to 123 Reg and you could both earn a cash reward!

For more information about this scheme, please select the relevant question from the list below:

How do I get started?

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Start by visiting our Refer a Friend page.


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From there, click Refer now.

Click Refer now


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A pop-up window will now appear, asking for your preferred email address. Simply enter your details and then click Continue.

Click Continue


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You will now receive a unique referral link that can be copied and shared across your preferred channel, including email, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter.

Copy referral link


How many people can I share my unique link with?

You can share your unique link with as many people as you want.

However, each friend will need to purchase one of our eligible products, using your provided referral link, and own that product for a minimum of 3 months for you both to receive your reward.

Do I need to create an account with Aklamio?

Yes, although this is completely free and will only take a few minutes to set up.

You’ll be able to do this shortly after signing up to our Refer a Friend programme, as you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your referral account.

Does my friend need to have an account with 123 Reg?

Not to begin with, no.

However, your friend will need to create a 123 Reg account when they come to purchase any of our eligible products. This can be done during the checkout process and will only take a few minutes to complete.

Which 123 Reg products are part of this programme?

You can find a complete list of our eligible products, along with their associated rewards, on our Refer a Friend page.

When will my friend and I receive our reward?

You’ll both be entitled to receive your reward once your friend has owned their purchased product for a minimum of 3 months.

After this period, you will receive a confirmation email from 123 Reg, in which you may begin transferring your reward to your PayPal or bank account.

What’s the maximum amount of money that I can receive?

There’s no limit to the amount of money that you can claim, allowing you to stack rewards by purchasing multiple products.

A complete list of payouts for each product can be found on our Refer a Friend page.

Why have I received the following email, ‘Your 123 Reg reward has been cancelled’?

You will likely have received this email because the referred product was cancelled before the 3-month waiting period was completed.

Should this occur, you and your friend will no longer be entitled to receive your reward.

Why have I received the following email, ‘Your payout request couldn’t be completed’?

You will likely have received this email because the bank details you provided couldn’t be verified.

As such, you will need to double-check your details or transfer your reward to a different account instead.