What is happening to the 123 Reg Loyalty scheme?

This article applies to the 123 Reg Affiliate programme

123 Reg has decided to remove their Loyalty Program for now, however a new program is in the pipeline. So keep an eye out, as we will email our customer’s when we have more information!

In the meantime, you can earn money through the 123 Reg Affiliates programme. We run this through one of the Leading affiliate platforms, CJ Affiliate, who pay commission direct to your chosen bank account.

Our Affiliate programme allows you to recommend customers to 123 Reg, meaning that you get a share of any money they spend on our products and services. What’s more, your earnings are uncapped, meaning the more sales you create, the more money you’ll earn.

One of the biggest changes, and biggest benefits to you, is that where the Loyalty scheme only gave you credit from a new customer’s first purchases, the Affiliate scheme earns you commission on every purchase they make.

Alongside this, each month we send out vouchers for you to promote to customers, to further entice them into purchasing with 123 Reg.

You can find out more about our Affiliate programme, and get started here.