Getting started with my 123-reg VPS running Plesk

How do I add a reseller on my VPS running Plesk? How do I perform a database backup in Plesk?

To help you find your way around the Plesk control panel on your VPS from 123-reg we have written a useful guide to allow you to get started with ease.

Click here to download the Getting started with my 123-reg VPS running Plesk Guide.

What will this guide help me with?

This guide contains information on the following areas:

  • Logging into Plesk.
  • Changing your Plesk password.
  • Creating and managing users on your Plesk server.
  • Configuring web hosting services in Plesk.
  • Managing Plesk email services.
  • Creating databases and database users within Plesk.
  • Perform backups of your data on Plesk.

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