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Current Trackers

Recent connectivity issues

Created: 10 February 2016, 14:48
Last Updated: 11 February 2016, 16:41

Some of our customers may have recently experienced issues regarding connectivity on websites hosted with us.

This has occurred due to a brief power interruption in one of our data center halls. This has been rectified within minutes.

Most websites should now be back online while the remaining ones are soon to be back on track as well.

The main impact has been experienced on shared web hosting and VPS packages.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Update 1 (10.01, 16:03):

While a top priority is to keep your websites and services online, our highest priority is the safety of our engineers. When working with equipment such as UPS (massive battery arrays), generators, switching equipment and multiple sources from the mains, we ensure our team are safe. In this case, a voltage sensor was due for replacement, we had switched over to bypass this unit, however for a reason yet unknown a safety warning was triggered which resulted in the shut down of power for about 9 minutes. The full reason is yet unknown, we have our expert data centre team, as well as the equipment providers, working to understand this fully. Right now we can assure you that power is flowing to the data centre as it should be.

Update 2 (10.01, 17:35):

While most websites are now back up and running, some customers may still experience some problems on specific VPS packages. This is due to the fact that although we have managed rebooting the majority of them, there are some clusters that will require manual intervention from our system engineers. Although we are currently working on a permanent fix, this is a manual task that will take at least a couple more hours. We appreciate your patience on the matter.

Update 3 (10.01, 21:47):

Our team are continuing to investigate issues relating to the VPS platform and restoring connectivity as soon as possible. We apologise for the delay in this matter.

Update 4 (10.01, 22:16):

VPS customers who are experiencing "Error Establishing a Database Connection." message on their website, please contact our Support Team for further investigation. We are continuing to work on restoring service to rest of our VPS, Shared and Premium Hosting platform. We appreciate your patience on the matter.

Update 5 (10.01, 22:40):

As part of the undergoing work of our engineers, 60% of the clusters that were unreachable following the power outage are now back online. This means that the majority of VPS packages that were still offline following the initial incident are now working again. We are still working hard to resolve the issues with the remaining 40% of the clusters. Please note that this has no effect on the database connection errors previously mentioned; those cases will still need to be handled on a case by case basis by our Support Team.

Update 6 (10.01, 23:07):

We have managed to get 80% of the clusters back online. The remaining 20% should be back in the upcoming hour as well.

Update 7 (11.01, 08:45):

More than 95% of affected VPS clusters are now up and running. Our system engineers are now focused on fixing the remaining ones while also investigating two further issues spotted during the night:

- Some Premium Hosting packages are currently unreachable

- Some Shared Web Hosting packages are currently unresponsive / fail to run scripts on certain hosted websites

Tickets related to the above that have been raised by our customers are now being looked at; response times might not be ideal at the moment, however please rest assured that your issue is being looked at and a resolution on the matter will be provided as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and patience so far.

Update 8 (11.02, 11:37):

Customers that are still experiencing database connectivity issues on their VPS packages, please have a look at the below support article:

If the above steps fail to fix your issue, please do not hesitate raising a ticket with us and we'll gladly take a look at it.

Update 9 (11.02, 12:30)

Outstanding issues at the moment:

Some customers are currently unable to manage their shared web hosting packages. We've got this on our radar as well and will shortly address it.

Additionally, database creation on Premium Hosting packages might not work in some cases. We're aware of that too, and is also on our to do list.

The "database connection error" issue is still ongoing and will require manual intervention. You can attempt fixing this by following the steps in the support article above, or can raise a ticket with us - although, as previously mentioned, response times might not be ideal due to the backlog we've got in Support at the moment.

Things we fixed so far:

Most of the VPS packages on 123-reg should now be back online. This was a two steps fix:

- getting the actual hosts online
- booting up the VMs with your websites

There still are two hosts proving to be a bit tricky, but we're confident those will be back on track within a couple of hours. These remaining two hosts represent less than 1% of everything we fixed so far in regards with VPS, just to put things into perspective.

We had an issue with FTP connectivity on shared web hosting packages, that should be fixed as well.

A quite large share of Premium Hosting packages have been unreachable, we fixed the majority of these, and are currently address the remaining ones.

SSH on certain packages didn't work during the night, this has also been fixed this morning.

Our apologies for things seeming to move so slowly, however we can assure you that we indeed do make our best in order to get back on track.

We have managed making happy again 541 customers in the last 12 hours. The goal for the rest of the day is making everyone else as happy.

Update 10 (11.02, 13:37):

Managing shared web hosting packages via the control panel is working again. Various functionality might still have hiccups, however these things should be completely resolved in the next few minutes as well.

Update 11 (11.02, 15:25):

Although we have managed to fix quite a lot of problems in the last couple of hours, troubleshooting is ongoing at the moment for the following:

- Some VPS packages are still unresponsive / failing to boot
- Premium Hosting database creation is still unresponsive on some accounts
- 1 click apps might fail successfully finish the installment

Currently, there are a few hundred tickets yet to be handled on our support queues in regard to VPS/hosting following the power outage. This isn't a small number by any means, and we're doing our best to provide our customers a response as soon as possible. We estimate that regardless of the time you have raised your support request, by midnight you will receive a reply on your ticket. Chances are, however, that by that time, your website will already be up and running, as the fixes put in place by our system engineers will solve hundreds of servers at a time.

Your patience on the matter is appreciated.

Update 12 (11.02, 15:35):

- Premium Hosting database creation should work again
- 1 click installs should work again

Still ongoing:

- Some VPS hosts are still unresponsive. We're aware of that and still looking into it

Update 13 (11.02, 16:30)

Apart from a few VPS hosts that are still unresponsive, but will soon get back online, everything else should now work. If, however, there still are any issues, please do let us know and we'll happily assist.

Our Support Teams have managed replying to more than 20% of the backlog from an hour ago, and are currently focused on replying on the remaining open support requests asap.

Please do note that although we would usually be replying to your queries in a chronological order, this time we couldn't do the same for all customers, due to the fact that the servers themselves were fixed taking into account some other factors (the size of the cluster etc).

This being given, part of our replies so far have been prioritised on whether your server is now back up or not.

We know that generic replies from our side don't usually help, therefore we're really trying to avoid those and get back to you with an actual resolution to your issue, when such incidents are showing up.

We really appreciate your understanding on the matter.

Kind regards,
The 123-reg team

Emails Notifications Regarding Mailbox Quotas

Created: 29 January 2016, 09:47
Last Updated: --

Some customers have recently received an email with regards to their inboxes being over their allocated allowance.

At this moment in time, 123-reg will not be suspending any accounts, however we would strongly advise that customers take action to reduce the size of their mailbox by either upgrading to our Business mailbox or archiving/deleting older emails.

Customers who have not taken action to reduce their mailbox size may face suspensions within 30 days’ time.