How to add a product to your Online Shop


Bought after October 2015


From your Online Shop control panel, select the Products tab from the Catalog section. This will allow you to manage your products. Click on the New Product button to create a new product.


Add your new product's information. Give it a name, image and description so that your customer can easily find it. There are several other options on each of that tabs, but the items in the General tab are required to create your product.


You can also assign the product to a category, so that customers can easily find what they're looking for in your shop. This will also help to display your products nicely on your website. 


When you are ready to complete your new product, give it a price and click the Save and Close button to complete the product. 



Bought before October 2015

So we understand that the look and design of your online shop is important, but displaying your products and services suitably is essential to persuading customers to purchase from your Online Shop.

You want customers to feel comfortable and at ease while looking through your products and services, and to have a buying experience which will make them happy and want to return.

Having professional product images will raise your product’s appeal, so make sure you use images which best represent your products and service es.

Ok, let’s have a look at how simple it is to add a product to your Online Shop.

Log into your 123-reg control panel and click here to manage your Online Shop.

Once you’re logged in and are in your admin panel, we can start adding products to your shop.

Select ‘New’ in the ‘Products’ menu to begin adding a new product.

This top section is where you can create a product name, a number, which can just be 00001 or 001 to start with, and you can decide here if you would like the product visible in the shop yet.

Use this section to list the price, and the type of unit it is.

So for our T-Shirt Company we will select ‘per piece’.

You can use this section for more detailed price and quantity information, like what the minimum order number is, or whether the price is subject to price fluctuations.

This section is where you get to show off your product or service.

Use the Description box to state what your product is in short form.

So for example ‘Standard Plain T-Shirt’.

And then in the long description box you can show off your product by adding an even longer description.

So for the ‘Standard Plain T-shirt’ example, I could expand on the detail, including its comfortable fit and design, popularity with customers and the fact that it is a classic T-Shirt choice.

This is a great section to sell your product, so do your best to make it stand out.

This area is about product purchasability.

It allows you to mark whether a product is brand new, and what notification message you would like to give customers if the product is not available.

So something like: ‘product currently unavailable, back in stock in 3-4 weeks’.

Just here you can add in some Manufacturer information about the product, and here you can add in stock levels and a delivery period to give customers an idea of delivery time.

So once that information is all saved, you’ll want to pick an image for it so your customers will know exactly what the product looks like.

Once you’ve produced and selected your image just select upload image.

You can then decide which category it will be placed in, so basically what page you would like the product to appear on.

So you have your first product added to your shop, you can now add and arrange your products easily using this menu.

Remember to have your products organised clearly so your customers can easily find and purchase them.

So we’ve seen how to best lay out your products in your shop, why not have a look at how to add in payment and shipping methods.

Why not check out our video that shows you how to add payment and shipping details on your Online Shop.


First, log into your 123-reg Online Shop package.


Next, click Products.


Now click New.


Finally, choose Product.