Will my domain be published to search engines?

This article applies to 123-parking.

Domains used with 123-parking will not automatically come up in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

You will need to do this yourself with the relevant search engines

Before you do so, you will need to setup the Meta data of your 123-parking page.


Login to you Parking control panel


Enter relevant details into the Page Description and Keywords sections. Search engines will use it to rate and list your site accordingly.

Keywords and Page descriptions not only help your visitors to know what your site contains, but also help Search Engines learn what your site contains, and therefore deliver it the the right people when they make online searches.

For example, a swimming pool in Newcastle would enter a description such as: "The site for the Newcastle Leisure center, offering swimming lessons, spa and gym facilities."

Then add keywords, such as: Swimming pool, Swimming Lessons, Newcastle, Gym, Spa.

Now, if someone searches for "Swimming Lessons in Newcastle" they will be more likely to view the swimming pool's website. 

You can also setup custom links and content and this will increase the number of people who find their site through search engines. This again can be done through the parking control panel via the edit domain section.

Tip: Make sure you point your domain to the parking nameservers. It may take 24/48 hours for the domain to propagate and show correctly.


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