How do I get access to a domain?

This article will explain how you can try to get access to domain names that you do not have access to.

Here at 123-reg we have an internal transfer option from within the control panel, if you can contact the user of the account that you do not have access to that contains your domain name(s), you can use the following article to help you do an internal transfer. How can I move domain names between accounts?

It is possible that you are unable to contact the account holder or do not have access to the account holding your domain name(s), in these circumstances you will need to provide us with proof of identity as the owner of the domain name(s).

The first step that you will need to take is to open a 123-reg account. You can do this, free of charge, here:

Secondly you will need to do a whois on your domain name on sites such as and to confirm the details the domain name(s) is registered to.

According to the details on the domain the proof of identification will vary as follows:


Your identity will need to be confirmed, both name and address, as appears on the registrant section on the WHOIS database/lookup before the domain name can be moved into your account. Both need to be confirmed to ensure that only the legal owner of the domain name can gain access.

As proof of identity for a domain name registered to an individual, the following can be accepted:

  • Bank Statement (dated within the last three months)
  • Utility Bill (Dated within the last three months)
  • Driving License or Passport - please be aware we will need to see the address too, so additional documentation may be required if using a Passport.

In all circumstances a proof of address is required. Only the following can be accepted:

  • Bank Statement (dated within the last three months)
  • Utility Bill (dated within the last three months)
  • Driving License
  • Council Tax Bill
  • HMRC Letter

Please note: We cannot accept invoices as proof of identity.

The above documentation will need to be provided, either by Fax or Email, alongside the request for the domain name transfer.

It is advised to use the 123-reg fax template for this request which is available here: Click here to download the 123-reg fax template.

The template asks for all of the information that will be required and will help to ensure that your request can be processed as quickly as possible.

Please send the documentation and transfer request to one of the following:

  • Fax number: 0208 043 0496
  • Email:

Domain Disputes

If a domain is claimed by two parties, this is considered a Domain Dispute.

It is not the responsibility of 123-reg to settle disputes, and neither can we act as mediators in the dispute. In the case of a dispute, the Claimant must contact a Legal Mediation Office to proceed with the claim.

If the parties in a domain claim are in arrears, then we will consider this a Dispute. Further to this, any contract between the two parties is outside of 123-reg's authority to dispute or act against.

For more information, you can view our terms and conditions on domain ownership.


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