How do I check if my PayPal details will be used to renew my domain names and services?

This article applies to your 123-reg account.

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When a purchase is made for 123-reg via PayPal, at the point where you are asked to confirm your purchase, you are informed that a recurring payment for your selected product/s will be enabled. In order to complete your purchase, you must agree to this before you can pay.

If you are unsure what services you have purchased using PayPal, you can check if autorenewal is set up on your Paypal subscription for your 123-reg domain names and/or services by logging in to your PayPal account and following these steps:


Click the My Account tab.


Click Profile at the top of the page.


Click the My Money link and then click the My Pre-approved Payments link.


If you wish to cancel a recurring payment, simply click on the relevant order and click the Cancel link.

You will be prompted to confirm your actions, check the details and click on the Yes button.

Please note: If you require any further assistance regarding your Paypal account settings, please contact Paypal directly.


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