How do I get my Microsoft adCenter vouchers?

This article refers to the free Microsoft adCenter voucher offered to shared web hosting customers

Please Note: The voucher is provided by Microsoft adCenter - a third-party. 123-reg are not responsible for the programme and all issues should be directed to Microsoft adCenter..


To receive your Microsoft adCenter promotional vouchers click to


Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email and a Company name or the name of your website. You need to complete all fields.


In the Campaign URL type the website you wish to use the voucher for including the full http://wwww. part of the address.


Complete the verification code box


Ensure you read the terms and conditions from the link at the bottom of the form and if you are happy to proceed, ensure the check-box is selected.


Click the submit button to send your application.

You should now receive an email from Microsoft adCenter within 24 hours containing your code.

Please Note: You can only sign up to the promotional voucher once.


You now need to sign-up for a Microsoft adCenter account by clicking the link in the email.


Enter your personal details completing all the mandatory boxes.


Click the continue button at the bottom of the page


On the next screen, enter your credit card details, ensuring you also confirm details of your billing address.


Enter the promotional code you received in the email into the Promotion code box.


Choose the currency you wish to be charged in by selecting from the drop-down box.


Complete the verification code entry and ensure that you have read and ticked the check-box to confirm agreement to the Terms and Conditions.


Next click the Finish button.

Your sign-up is now complete and you will be automatically logged in to your new Microsoft adCenter account.


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