Transferring a TLD domain away from

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This FAQ will show you how you can transfer a domain away from 123 Reg.

Follow the below instructions to transfer a domain to another domain provider.

Please note: Top Level Domains names that are newer than 60 days or within 7 from the expiry date can not be transferred in or out of

A .mx domain transfer request cannot be requested during the last 10 days of its renewal grace period.

To transfer a .eu domain away from 123 Reg you just have to put in a transfer order on your new registrar's site or from its control panel.

Once the procedure has been started, EURid (the Registry for .eu domain names) will send a confirmation request to the owner’s email address stored in the WHOIS. The assignee will have to give consent within 14 days by following the instructions contained in the email.

To transfer a TLD domain name away from 123-reg, you will need to follow these instructions:

Your Authorisation/EPP code will be sent to the admin contact of the domain name. The admin contact must be a valid email address which you have access to in order to receive the authorisation code.

If the admin email address is not correct and is in need of a update please follow the instructions in this FAQ.


Login to your 123-reg control panel.


In the Domain names section, select the relevant domain name in the drop-down list and click on the Manage button.

Manage domains drop down


Click on Manage Domain Locking to unlock the domain name.

Manage Domain Locking


Click on the link to unlock your domain name, and then click on Back to Control Panel, return to the previous menu.

Unlock Domain name


Click on Request Authorisation Code. This will show you your authorisation code. It will be made up of random numbers, letters and symbols.

EPP Code


Once you have received the authorisation code, you will need to provide this to the new registrar that you wish to transfer your domain to. They will be able to advise you on their steps to transfer the domain name to them

The transfer process for TLD domains can take up to 7 days to complete once the transfer has been approved.

Please note: There is no facility to transfer .me domain's domain names away from 123-reg at this time. To transfer your domain name away please contact the registry via: