How do I set my domain name to Auto Renew?

This article applies to 123-reg Domain names.

This article will show you how to set your domain names to auto renew if they had previously been set to expire. 


Log into your 123-reg Control Panel.


Select the domain you wish to edit from the drop down box selector, then click the Manage button.


In the Manage Domain section of the control panel, you will find a Reset to Auto-Renew link. Click the link to enable the domain name to Auto Renew. 


The display will now be updated to show that the domain is due to Auto Renew. 

Please note: Domains due for renewal within the next 30 days can be done so via a manual renewal. In these cases, as the domain names are so close the the renewal date, manual renewals are needed to ensure renewal success.

You can manually renew your domain name during this period by following the instructions under the I want to renew my domain names manually section of this article.


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