What is TTL, and what is it used for?

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What is Time To Live? 

This article will explain what TTL (Time to Live) is, and how it affects your domain names.

TTL stands for Time To Live, and measures the lifespan of data in a computer or network, for example, when you create an SRV record for your domain name. This dictates the length of time it takes for the cache of the server to update, so if you make a change, this is the length of time it will take the propagate.

TTL is measured in seconds, so, for example, a TTL of one hour would equate to a TTL to 3600 seconds. 

Please note: When you create records for your domain names through 123-reg, the TTL is automatically set at 14400 seconds, which equates to 4 hours, and cannot be changed manually.


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