How do I buy a subdomain?

This article applies to 123-reg Domain names.

This article will tell you how to buy a subdomain and set it up. Subdomains are used to compartmentalise areas of a website, or to offer different versions of the same website. 

For example, you could use a subdomain to separate your online shop from the rest of your domain, using Or, you could use and for English and German language versions of your site respectively. 

A subdomain is part of an existing domain. The existing domain must be registered with 123-reg. If you already have a domain name with us, please use the following instructions to create your subdomain:


Login to your 123-reg control panel.


Click on the Subdomains option in the Domain names section.


Enter the quantity of subdomains you require, and then click on the Buy Subdomains Now button.


Type in a name for the new subdomain.


Lastly, click on the Add Subdomain button.


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