How do I add/change MX records for my domain name?

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This FAQ will help you to set up your MX records for your domain name

MX records control where or to which server your email goes for your domain name.

The 'priority' field in the MX records governs the order in which mail servers are tried in case one is unavailable. The lower the number, the higher the priority. An MX with a priority of '10' would be tried before one of '20'.

The MX records follow the same rules as CNAMEs regarding full qualification, and must end with a full stop if the 'domain' part is present, (e.g.

In order to add or change MX records for your domain name, please do the following:

Firstly, you need to ensure your domain is pointed to our nameservers:


If the domain is not pointed to the 123-reg nameservers, you will be unable to manage them from the 123-reg control panel.

For more information on changing your nameservers please view the following article:

How do I change the nameservers for my domain name?

Please Note: It will take between 24 - 48 hours for the new MX records to become active.


Login to your 123-reg control panel.


In the Domain names section, select the relevant domain name in the drop-down list and click on the Manage button.



Scroll down to the Advanced Domain Settings section and click on the Manage DNS (A, MX, CNAME, TXT) link.


From the Basic DNS tab.


Click on the Change button in the EMAIL SETTINGS (MX RECORDS) section.


Select an external email service from the Your email is pointing to: drop down list.


In the Location of service field enter the MX record you need to point your domain name to.

Please note: MX records must be terminated with a full stop or they will not work correctly.


Click on the Point to service button.


Click on the Confirm button to complete the change.


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