Removing Cached Content on Google

This answer will explain how to remove cached content which is appearing on Google. This relates to sites which have already been verified in a Google Webmaster Tools account.

When content is updated on a website, Google's index will not be updated until the site is next crawled. In the meantime the original content may still appear in search results. To have any old information removed, you will need to place a request with Google to remove the cached version of the page. To do this please follow the instructions below.


Log into your Google Webmaster Tools account.


Select your site.


On the left hand menu select Optimization and then Remove URLs.


Click New Removal Request.


Type the URL of the page you wish to be removed, and click Continue. Please note that the URL is case sensitive.


Select Remove Cached Version of This Page.

Further details regarding removing cached content can be found here.


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