How do I purchase WHOIS Privacy for my domain names?

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This FAQ will help you purchase WHOIS Domains Privacy

The below instructions will show you how to purchase Domains privacy, allowing you to mask your details on the WHOIS database.

Domains Privacy is a masking service which hides your details on the WHOIS Database. The WHOIS database is a record of who owns each individual domain. However, as this database is publicly accessible, some people use it to mine for data such as email addresses which are then used for spam email.

Adding Domains Privacy to your domain name will replace your details on this database with ours, meaning that your details are hidden from public view. You can find out more about WHOIS Privacy here

To purchase Domains Privacy, you will need to do the following:


Log into your 123-reg control panel.


In the Domain names section, click on the Buy link below WHOIS privacy.



Select the domain name that you want to apply the WHOIS Privacy to and the number of years you want to purchase it for then click on the add WHOIS privacy button.



Follow the on screen payment instructions.

Please note: You will receive a Domains Privacy welcome email that will explain step by step how to activate the WHOIS Privacy on your domain name.


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