I have lost, forgotten or need to change my mailbox password

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This FAQ will help you to reset your 123-reg Mailbox password

The below video and step by step instructions will show you how to reset the password for your 123-reg mailbox, in case you have lost or forgotten it.

Watch the following video from 123-reg and find out which are the steps that need to be taken if you lost your mailbox password.

You can also read the additional instructions for more information on the settings that need to be amended when changing your 123-mail password.

If you forgot your password this can be simply changed from your Control Panel by referring to the following guide.

Tip: If you have set up your mailbox to receive emails in an email client such as Outlook, Apple Mail, or an online client such as Outlook.com, or Gmail.com, you will need to edit your mailbox profile in your client to reflect your new password.

So you’ve forgotten your mailbox password or need to change it.

Don’t worry, just follow these simple steps.

To begin, log into your control panel and click on ‘manage email’ in the email section.

Using this drop down menu here, you will need to select the domain name that the mailbox belongs to.

Once you’ve selected the domain name, your mailboxes will appear just here.

Click on the ‘more’ button next to the mailbox you need to change the password for.

Now click ‘mailbox settings’ and under the preferences menu click on ‘edit.’

You can now enter your new password.

Remember when you are creating your new password to ensure it fits the password criteria.

It must be at least 8 characters long with a combination of upper and lowercase letters, as well as numbers.

It must also include at least one special character.

So once you’ve created your new password click ‘save’.

That’s it, your password has now been changed and you can use this new password to log into your 123-mail account using 123-reg webmail.

Please note that if you have set up your mailbox to send or receive emails in an email client such as Outlook, then you will also need to update this password to match your new one.


Scroll down the page until you reach the Email section and click on the Manage email link.

Setting up your account


Hover over the More button next to the email address you'd like to change the password for and click on Mailbox Settings.


Under Preferences, click on the Edit password link.


Enter your new password then click the Save button.

Please note: Passwords must satisfy the following criteria to ensure they are as secure as possible:

  • Mixed case: Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters
  • Numbers: Use a mixture of numbers and letters
  • Special characters: Use at least one of the following special characters: "!$%^&*()-_=+}{#@':;.>,
  • Length: Your password must be at least 8 characters long
  • Unique Characters: Your password must contain at least 4 unique characters

Please note: When creating your password, you cannot use the pound (£) symbol.

Your password will now be changed.


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