How do I create an auto responder/out of office message?

This article applies to the 123-reg Email product

When you are away from your email, you can set an autoresponder, this will reply to any email you receive with a reply specified by you, to let you tell people where you are, how to contact you, or when you are likely to be able to respond to their message. To create an auto responder or out of office message, you first need to log into your 123-reg control panel, then follow the instructions below:


Scroll down the page until you reach the Email section.


Click on the Manage email link.


Select the relevant domain from the domain drop down menu.


For the relevant domain, select Auto Responder from the More menu.


Set your Auto Responder to on, then enter your message into the box below.


Click on the Save and Exit button.

Your auto responder will now be active.


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