How do I edit the spam filter on my mailbox/email forwarding?

This article applies to the 123-reg Email product

Unsolicited email, or spam email, is the unwanted email you get from people or companies. Often they are just trying to sell you something, but they can also include various scams and other malicious attempts. To reduce the amount of spam you receive, follow the instructions below. 

To edit the spam filter settings on your mailbox or email forwarding, you first need to log into your 123-reg control panel, then follow the instructions below:


Scroll down the page until you reach the Email section.


Click on the Manage email link.


Select the relevant domain from the domain drop down box.


Click on the More button next to the Mailbox you wish to edit.

Select Mailbox settings from the menu provided.


Under Preferences, click on the Change Settings link for Spam Filtering.


Use the slide tool to set the levels for Spam Flagging and Spam Deletion.

Please note: 1 is the strongest setting and 10 is the weakest setting.

If you set your spam delete level filter to 1, this will turn on the spam filter and delete any emails that are detected as spam. If you would like spam to come through, you should set your spam delete filter and flagging level to 10, this will allow all emails that are spam through to your inbox.


Click on the Save changes button.

Important: Anti-spam filtering is set at the domain level. Therefore, if you alter the settings on one email address, it will affect all the email addresses registered with the same domain.


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