How do I set up email forwarding?

This FAQ will help you to set up Email Forwarding

The below video and step by step instructions will show you how you can create an email forwarder through the 123 Reg control panel.


To set up email forwarding, you first need to log into your 123-reg control panel, then follow the instructions below:

Scroll down the page until you reach the Email section.

Click on the Manage email link.


Click on the Create option then select the Forward option.


Enter the email address prefix in the box provided, and select your chosen domain from the domains dropdown box. Then enter the addresses you wish your emails to be forwarded to. Then click either the Save and Exit or the Save and Add Another buttons.

Please note: To forward to more than one address, enter all the addresses you wish to forward to into the Forward to box. Ensure all the emails are seperated with a comma, but without a space. For example:,,

Please note: You cannot set up email forwarding on an email address if it is attached to a mailbox.

Example: If you have a mailbox called you cannot forward this email address to another email address i.e.

To have an email addresses going to both a mailbox and an alternative email address, you would need to set up a "dummy" mailbox with a different email address i.e.

You can then set up to forward to and


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