The difference between email forwarding and a 123-reg mailbox

This FAQ will explain what email forwarding is, and how you can use it

Below, we will explain the differences between email forwarding compared to a mailbox, and explain the practical applications for both.

What is Email Forwarding?

Email forwarding is a service we offer free of charge to all our customers. It means an email sent to one address can be bounced to another without being stored on our mail servers.

This can be very useful if you have a long or unmemorable email address at your ISP or work. You can then change this address to something more catchy, e.g., and all mail sent to the second address will be routed to the first.

Please note: You will not be able to send email from the forwarding address (

What is the difference between email forwarding and a mailbox?

Creating an Email Forwarding Rule is just like creating a signpost, and there is no physical storage associated with it. It is only used to direct your mail to an existing account like a Gmail, Yahoo or a Hotmail account for example. To be specific you could set up and have any mail sent to that address sent to However, although you can setup mail to be sent TO the forwarding address, you cannot send FROM the forwarding address.

With one of our Mailboxes you can both send and receive at the new address. The mailboxes have full SPAM and Virus protection, 5GB of storage and we can help you set it up with Outlook, iPhone, Blackberry or any other mail client of your choice. Or if you prefer, all mailboxes come with free Webmail access so you can access your email on the go from any computer.


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