Why can't I receive emails?

This article applies to 123-reg Email and 3rd Party Email Clients.

If you are having trouble receiving emails with your 123-reg email, this information can help you resolve your issue as we have listed some of the most common causes below:

Domain Issues

  • Check that your domain is using 123-reg mx records, click here to find out how to this.

You can use our Self Diagnosis tool to automatically check that your domain settings are correct as advised above. Click here to diagnosis any domain side issues.

Email Account issues

  • Check that your mailbox has been setup via the 123-reg control panel.

    Click here to find out how to setup a mailbox.

  • Check that you have the correct username and password for your mailbox. The mailbox username is usually the email address.

    Click here to find out change your password.

  • Login to 123-reg web mail in order to receive emails, if you can receive emails from our 123-reg web mail service this usually indicates a local issue with your network / computer or email client. Click here to find out how to login to 123-reg web mail.

Email Client issues

  • Check that you have entered the correct incoming mail server: pop.123-reg.co.uk or imap.123-reg.co.uk
  • Ensure that the option for Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) is NOT enabled.
  • Use default incoming port 110 for POP3 and 143 for IMAP.
  • Ensure that the option for SSL is switched off.
  • If you have a firewall or anti virus software enabled on your computer please ensure that you add a allow or exception rule for pop.123-reg.co.uk if using POP3 orimap.123-reg.co.uk and/or IP address

Tip: Please remember that you will need to close and restart your email client after you have made any change so that it can take affect.

Please Note: If the comprehensive list of above solutions does not resolve your query it maybe useful to contact your email client / software provider by visiting the appropriate support site e.g:

If you wish to check if there is a issue connecting due to your Internet connection or fault with your Internet Service Provider you can perform a Telnet test, click here to find out how to this.


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