How do I add a RSS feed to 123-mail?

This article will explain how to add an RSS feed to your 123-reg email account using Open Exchange.

Using an RSS feed will allow you to get news and updates from all of your favourite websites to display in your 123-reg Webmail client


Enter your username and password into the boxes provided, then click the Login button.


From the toolbar at the top of the page, click the Configuration button.


From the left hand toolbar click the UWA Modules link from the Start Page sub menu.


Click the Add button at the top of the page.


Name your RSS feed and insert the feed URL. Add the parameters into the relevant box, and then click OK.

If you do not know what parameters you would like to use, then leave the box empty. Parameters are used to filter the content of an RSS feed (for example, to take stories from a specific data range, or of a specific topic), however, each feed will have their own set of parameters, so you will have to know what the parameters are before you can implement them.


Your RSS feed will now be visible on the homepage.