How do I add my GMail account to 123-mail?

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This article will explain how to add a Google Mail account to your 123-reg email account using Open Exchange.


Log in to your 123-mail account. Enter your username and password into the boxes provided, then click the Login button.


From the toolbar at the top of the page, click the Configuration button.


From the left hand toolbar click the Accounts link from the Email sub menu.


Click the Add button at the top of the page.


Enter the relevant information into the boxes provided. Ensure you title your account with a relevant title, to avoid confusion in the case of multiple mailboxes.

Please note: Selecting the Unified Mail option will allow you to combine any accounts with this option selected into one Inbox, while still keeping their individual mailboxes. 


Now you must enter your server details. We recommend using the imap mail server. The Google server details are for your incoming server, and for your outgoing server. Your ports will be automatically selected. You must tick the Use SSL Connection option for your incoming server. 

Please note: The Login sections in both the incoming and outgoing server settings sections, should comprise only of the prefix of your email address, for example, if the mail address is the Login field should only contain: gmail-username. The password is still the password you have associated with the email account.

Why use imap? Using imap mail server settings keeps your emails on the mail server, so any changes you make (such as deleting emails, or moving them between folders) will be mirrored on the original account, and on any other clients or mobile devices you may have been set up. 


Your GMail account will now be added to your 123-mail account.


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