How do I change the default view in contacts pane?

This article will explain how to change the default view in the contacts pane of 123-mail webmail

You contacts can be displayed in one of two ways; either in a Phone List, or by Contact Cards

Phone List

A phone list is a basic overview of your contacts. This shows basic information, such as location and telephone numbers. You can even order your list by these criteria; for example, you could order the list by location, so you can see how many of your contacts come from different areas. The Phone List is best for a high level overview of your contacts. 

Contact Cards

You can use the Contact Card view to get a more detailed look at each of your contacts. You will see information such as names and email addresses, as well as flag types. This is a better view for a more detailed look at each of your contacts.


Login to the 123-mail webmail.

 Webmail Login.jpg


Click on the Configuration icon in the main toolbar.

 Config toolbar main.jpg


Click on the Contacts folder in the left hand pane.

Click on the sub folder Preferences

 left pane.jpg


Click on the Default view drop down box.

 drop down.jpg


Choose from either Card view or Phone list view.



Click on the Save icon to store the changes.