How do I change the default view in the tasks pane?

This article applies to 123-mail Webmail.

You can arrange your tasks by two different view types: List View and H View. 

List View

List view is a high level overview of your tasks. You can use the headers at the top of the page to order your tasks by subject, priority, start and end date, and completion percentage. 

H View

H View allows you a more detailed version of the list view, as it opens a Preview panel for the task you have selected. This allows you to view the task details, and even things like attachments. 

To learn how to change the default view in the Tasks pane of 123-mail webmail, please follow these simple steps:


First, login to the 123-mail webmail application.

 Webmail Login.jpg

Then click on the Configuration icon in the main toolbar.

 Config toolbar main.jpg

Now click on the Tasks folder in the left hand pane.

And then click on the sub folder Preferences.

 left pane.jpg

Click on the Default view drop down box.

 drop box.jpg

Choose from either H-split view or List view.

 drop down list.jpg

Click on the Save icon to save the changes.