How do I add an attachment to an email?

This article will explain how you can add an attachment to an email message

You can use this functionality to send documents, files and other documents via email


Login to the 123-mail webmail.

 Webmail Login.jpg


Click on the Email icon in the main toolbar.

 main toolbar.jpg


In the right pane, click on the New Email icon under the Edit tab.



Click on the Add Attachmentt icon, from the drop down, click on the Attach local file icon.



Select your attachment from your computer.

Your new file will now be attached to your email message and send it once you have completed the rest of your email.

The size of the attachment you are able to send depends on the type of email package you have. Personal email packages can send attachments up to 10mb in size, whereas Business Email packages can send attachments of up to 40mb in size.


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