How do I move an email?

This article will explain how you can move an email message to another folder

You can use this functionality to organise your email

You can use this functionality to organise your email; maybe you want to store all your emails into different folders per sender, or maybe you want to split your email into a work and personal section. You can also use this functionality to move items from your trash folder and move it back into your inbox, or another folder you've set up.


Login to the 123-mail webmail.

 Webmail Login.jpg


Click on the Email icon in the main toolbar.

 main toolbar.jpg


Click on the relevant email message and Click on the Move icon under the Edit tab. You can also use the control button to select multiple emails and move them at the same time.



Click on the relevant folder you would like to move the email message to.


Your email message will now be moved to the selected folder.


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