How do I send an Infoitem as a link?

This article applies to 123-mail Webmail.

This article will explain how to send an Infoitem as a link within 123-mail. This will send an email to your desired recipients including a link which will allow the recipients to view and download the attached item directly from the email. 


Login to the 123-reg webmail.

 Webmail Login.jpg

Click on the Infostore icon in the main toolbar.


Select the Infoitem you wish to send and click on Send as Link. You can use the Shift and Control buttons on your keyboard to select multiple items, allowing you to send them in bulk, rather than individual emails. 


Now create an email as you would usually. Add your desired recipient's email address into the To field, and if required, the CC field. You can also fill out the subject bar and add comments to the email field itself. When ready, click the Send button to send the email.


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