How do I create a team task in 123-mail?

This article will explain how you can create a team task in 123-mail

Creatubg a team task will allow you to have a task or process that members of your team can all collaborate on and contribute to


Log in to your 123-mail account. Enter your username and password into the boxes provided, then click the Login button.


From the toolbar at the top of the page, click the Tasks button.


Click the New task button at the top of the page.


Insert the task information; including subject, due date and priority.


Click on the Add participant button.


You can Search for participants using the bar at the top of the window. Click on the users you wish to add to the task, then click the Add button. Then click OK.


Finally, click the Save button.

The participants you have added to your task will receive a notification stating that they have been added to the task, and will be able to see all of the details you have sent them.