How do I flag a task?

This article applies to 123-mail Webmail.

This article will explain how to flag a task in 123-mail webmail. The flags allow you to categorise your tasks by colour, allowing you to assign your own values to them. It also allows you to arbitrarily group your tasks by a value you decide upon, rather than the preexisting values, such as due date and priority. 


Login to the 123-mail webmail.

 Webmail Login.jpg

Click on the Tasks icon in the main toolbar.

 Task main toolbar.jpg

Click on the task you wish to Flag.

 Select task to edit.jpg

Click on the relevant colour Flag you wish to assign. You can't assign multiple flags to the same task, however, you can use your shift or control button on your keyboard to select multiple tasks and assign them a flag in bulk. 

 Flagging a task.jpg

You can click the area of the header row above the flag identifiers to reorder your list by flag colour, rather than by the other headers at the top of the window.